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I believe that the success of organisations is dependent upon them having an objective of extracting quality service provision throughout their supply chain. Specifically the customer service performance within the logistics and distribution operations is vital to an organisation's ability to meet this objective.

This is the basis upon which SLS Ltd builds its relationships with our customers...

“High quality service provision that matches our customer's precise market needs, delivered at competitive prices.”

I have been involved in this business sector for over 30 years and I personally understand the market, whether we are directly moving products on SLS vehicles, selling or buying logistics capability; both in the UK and abroad, safely and competitively.

As Managing Director of SLS, I believe in a personal involvement in all aspects of the business performance, ensuring operational personnel have the appropriate experience, capabilities and motivation to deliver SLS' s objectives which are built around quality service provision in both export and domestic markets.

“We have grown our business in a controlled way, ensuring we have the required expertise and plans in place to provide competitive logistics in all markets”

And in the process we have accumulated the support of quality approved Forwarding Agents, Shippers and sub-contractors who are prepared to match our own standards of quality performance.

I take a personal pride in SLS's excellent record of sustained growth through the instilled culture of constantly supporting our Customer's own levels of service provision, particularly in export markets.  I believe SLS will continue to be successful only as long as we stay focused on our Customer's activities and provide innovative solutions to distribution requirements that meet their own cost and service objectives.  We will do this by continuing always to be prepared, and able, to provide the full range of distribution activities to all markets... Deep Sea, European, Air Freight as well as Domestic... and the complete range of consignment weight and size, including Abnormal Loads.

I am extremely proud of the company's history, our performance record, our people, our capabilities, our relationships with customers and our reputation... and the fact that we have proved that we are able to successfully deliver the complete range of distribution services throughout the world.

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Jamie Brawshaw

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